Scalp Med Review 2018 – UPDATED!

I used Scalp Med for a while and even wrote a review of it (see below). But I have stopped recommending Scalp Med to my readers. It’s simply too expensive.

Fortunately, there’s another hair loss product that is just as effective as Scalp Med but is almost half the price!

The product is called Provillus, which can be used by both men and women. I’ve given it a six-month trial run and I am very happy with the results.

Provillus is very similar to Scalp Med in a lot of ways. Its main active ingredient is minoxidil, which is an FDA-approved chemical that has been proven to be effective at limiting hair loss while stimulating new hair growth.

Provillus is also like Scalp Med in that it contains specially-formulated moisturizers that help fertilize the scalp and prevent it from getting overly dry and flaky.

And it also comes in two versions: one for men and one for women.

But the big difference between Provillus and Scalp Med is the price.

Basically Provillus is about $20 a month cheaper than Scalp Med. Scalp Med is about $50 a month and Provillus is around $30 a month.

That’s a $240 savings per year and a whopping $2,400 savings over a 10-year period!

Why spend the extra money on Scalp Med when Provillus does the exact same thing for almost half the price?

Provillus comes with a generous money-back guarantee, so you’ve got nothing to lose by trying it out.

This product is only available online at They offer a money-back guarantee as well.

These are the kind of results you can expect after about 4 months of use:

Provillus for women

Provillus for men

Does Scalp Med Work?

Scalp Med is one of the most popular hair growth products available today. You might even have seen ads for Scalp Med on TV. But does Scalp Med work? And is it worth the money?

The main ingredient in Scalp Med is minoxidil. This is an amazing chemical that has been scientifically proven to grow hair. This is no scam. Minoxidil has even been approved by the FDA (The Food and Drug Administration) as a legitimate hair growth product.

It is possible to just buy basic minoxidil and use it on your scalp daily. Sure, it might work, but you’ll probably end up with a lot of itching and dandruff. This is because minoxidil dries out your scalp pretty badly.

And since you’re applying this powerful chemical to your scalp every day, your skin never has time to re-moisturize. If you follow this approach, the results are likely to be pretty uncomfortable.

This is one of the main reasons to use a product like Scalp Med. There are no Scalp Med side effects.

This is because Scalp Med contains a specially-formulated blend of ingredients that actively moisturize your scalp at the same time that the minoxidil is helping re-grow your hair. When you use Scalp Med, you shouldn’t experience any dandruff or itchiness.

What You Get When You Buy Scalp Med

The Scalp Med package contains two things:

-Nutrisol Prepare: This proprietary formula pre-treats your scalp. It’s essentially a conditioner that moisturizes and fertilizes your scalp in order for the minoxidil to be as effective and comfortable as possible.

-Vitadil 5A: After preparing your scalp, you apply this formula, which contains clinical-strength minoxidil.

Scalp Med’s unique two-step process is a huge improvement over just using a product that contains minoxidil alone. Yes, such products can stimulate new hair growth. But the hair might not look great.

The special Scalp Med treatment ensures that the hair you grow will be healthy and full-bodied.

It’s sort of like growing a nice lawn. You can just throw down some seeds and hope for the best. Some grass will probably grow, but will it look good?

If you want a really nice lawn, you need to fertilize the soil and properly cultivate the young grass. This is essentially how Scalp Med works on your scalp. It gives your scalp the care and nutrients necessary to grow the kind of thick, luxurious hair that people will notice.

Should I Use Propecia?

If you’ve done any kind of research on hair loss products, then you know what Propecia is. Propecia is very different from Scalp Med.

First of all, it contains a chemical—finasteride—so powerful that you need a doctor’s prescription to buy it. Because it’s so strong many men experience some pretty bad side effects. Some of these side effects are downright scary!

Secondly, women cannot use Propecia. It’s only for men. Why? Because Propecia contains chemicals that can cause birth defects! Women are advised to avoid even touching Propecia. Any woman who even is thinking of becoming pregnant should stay far, far away from Propecia.

There are no such issues with Scalp Med. In fact, Scalp Med has a special version made just for women. Yes, many women experience hair loss, which is even more devastating than when a man starts losing his hair.

Scalp Med for Women is essentially the same package as the one for men, but the strength of the minoxidil is slightly reduced.

As for those scary side effects for men, let’s read what Wikipedia has to say about Propecia. It says that the chemical in Propecia, called finasteride, “has been connected with depression…as well as sexual side effects that many men report are possibly irreversible.”

Are you serious?! Oh yes. In fact, there are hair loss forums online where men write about the terrible sexual side effects they’ve experienced after using Propecia. Here’s a sampling:

“After using Propecia for a period of time, I’m stunned at the horrible side effects I’ve experienced. This evil drug may cause hair to grow, but it’s not worth losing my manhood over.”

“Is it really worth losing your ability to have sex just for your hair? As you can see from other comments on this forum, finasteride has ruined the sex lives of many men.”

This is very disturbing stuff. I assume most men do not suffer these kinds of debilitating—and apparently irreversible—sexual side effects, but is it really worth the risk?

Users of Scalp Med don’t have to worry about any of this stuff. Scalp Med is 100% safe for both men and women.

You Must Remember This….

Here are some facts about hair loss products. And there’s simply no getting around them.

First of all, Scalp Med, like all hair loss treatments, might not work as well as you might have hoped. Most users of Scalp Med will be satisfied with the results. And some of them will even have AMAZING results. But some users of Scalp Med might be disappointed.

Our bodies are not exactly alike. For whatever reason, minoxidil-based hair loss products like Scalp Med might not do the trick.

That’s a shame, but you can easily get your money back if this is the case. Try using Scalp Med for 60 days. If you decide it’s not for you, simply return the empty bottles and get a full refund. So you’ve got nothing to lose, right?

Secondly, you must use hair loss products every day. This goes for all hair loss treatments, not just Scalp Med. If you stop using Scalp Med, your hair will start to fall out again. So there’s a certain expense that comes with using Scalp Med. Many men and women are willing to pay that expense in order to have sexy, attractive hair.

Third, you should start using a hair loss treatment like Scalp Med as soon as you notice that you’re losing your hair. The sooner you start using Scalp Med the more hair you can save. If your hair follicles are allowed to lie dormant for a long period of time, they simply won’t grow hair anymore.

Finally, try to use a good, high-quality shampoo when you wash your hair. A lot of cheap shampoos are full of unhealthy chemicals that drain your hair of important vitamins and nutrients.


If you start to notice hair falling out, start a treatment with Scalp Med as soon as possible. If it works and you’re satisfied, then great. If not, simply return the bottles and get a refund. Then you can look into other possible—and probably more expensive and dangerous—solutions to your hair loss problem.

But Scalp Med is certainly a good place to start.