Viviscal is backed by an enormously successful advertising and marketing campaign, but the bottom line is the product just isn’t very effective at regrowing hair.

I know a lot of celebrities endorse Viviscal, but they’re probably paid to do so—that’s how endorsements work.

Plus many, many users report negative side effects, mainly acne and constipation.

On top of that, Viviscal is very expensive. A month’s supply costs anywhere from $40 to $50, depending on where you buy it. That’s too much money for a product that doesn’t really work.

For women, there is only one scientifically proven way to regrow hair. You must apply a topical solution containing minoxidil to your scalp every day.

If a hair loss product promises to regrow hair and it doesn’t contain minoxidil then it’s probably a scam.

Minoxidil is an ingredient that has been approved by the FDA for the purpose of stopping hair loss and regrowing hair. The only side effect is that minoxidil can cause itchiness and irritation to the scalp.

That’s why it’s important to use a product that not only contains minoxidil but other ingredients that moisturize and sooth the scalp.

My recommendation is a hair loss product called Provillus. It’s safe to use and there are no negative side effects. Plus it’s much cheaper than Viviscal. A month’s supply is only $30. There’s a version for both men and women. Here’s what they look like:


Click on image to go to the official Provillus website

You have to apply Provillus every day and it can take 2 to 3 months before you start seeing results. It can take up to a year to fully see results.

Trust me, the results you’ll get from Provillus will be far better than anything you could get from taking a vitamin like Viviscal.

Plus it’s cheaper and doesn’t have those awful side effects that so many people suffer from when they use Viviscal.

You can’t buy Provillus in stores or on Amazon. It’s only available online. There’s also a money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with the product.

You can find the official Provillus website HERE.

And here are some photos of the kind of results you can expect when using the product after about 4 weeks.

Provillus before and after

Provillus for women

Provillus for men

Provillus reviews

Viviscal Review–What is Viviscal?

Hair loss makes people look older and less healthy. Sorry, but that’s a fact. When people have a head of thick, luxuriant hair they simply look younger and healthier. They might not actually be healthier, but they look healthier. So if you notice that your hair is thinning, it’s time to start researching hair loss products. There are quite a few available, but today we’ll take a look at one of the most popular—Viviscal.

Viviscal is an all-natural dietary supplement that is designed to stimulate your body into producing more hair. It is produced by a company called Life2Good, which stresses nutrition as the most important factor for good health and beauty. Lifes2Good is a large, reputable company that has a good rating from the Better Business Bureau.


There are three different types of Viviscal: Viviscal for Men, Viviscal for Women, and Viviscal Professional. Each type of supplement is specially designed to ensure that men and women get exactly the type of nutrition they need to increase hair growth.

The Professional version is basically a more powerful mixture of ingredients and used to only be available from dermatologists. However, Viviscal extra strength is now available for purchase without a prescription. Though more costly, Viviscal Professional is the surest way to get thick, healthy hair.

Does Viviscal Work?

The best way to know if a hair regrowth product works is to examine the clinical studies. One study of Viviscal lasted 30 weeks and involved 60 men. Half were given Viviscal and the other half a placebo. At the end of the trial, the half that were given Viviscal showed a 40% increase in hair growth while those on the placebo showed none.


A more recent study involved 60 women. Again, half were given Viviscal and the other half a placebo. And once again, those women on Viviscal showed an increase in hair growth while the other half didn’t.

These and other clinical trials seem to show that Viviscal vitamins are effective at promoting hair growth among both men and women.

Viviscal Ingredients

The main ingredient in Viviscal is a proprietary compound called AminoMar. Proprietary means that the makers of Viviscal own this compound and it can’t be used in any other hair care product. There are 22 proteins in this compound, each one scientifically proven to nourish the scalp and grow hair.

viviscal for women

The formula for AminoMar comes from studies of the Inuit people who live in the Arctic Circle. Though the Inuit people live in one of the harshest climates on the planet, their health is excellent. And their hair, which should be damaged by the cold and wind of their environment, is thick and luxurious.

Researchers pinpointed certain aspects of the Inuit diet as contributing to the health and well-being of the natives. From this research, scientists created AminoMar—the main compound found in Viviscal.

Some of the ingredients found in Viviscal include shark cartilage and oyster meat. The shark cartilage is taken from non-endangered species of sharks and is ethically sourced. Another ingredient is Acerola Cherry. This ingredient is chock-full of antioxidants, which contribute to the overall health of your scalp and hair follicles. Other Viviscal ingredients include Horsetail Extract. There are many scientific studies that reveal the benefits this ingredient has for keeping your hair thick and healthy.

Horsetail Extract specifically stimulates the blood circulation to the scalp, which is important for healthy hair.

Viviscal Side Effects

Viviscal is all-natural, which means that no man-made chemicals have been involved in the making of this product. This means that it is safe and 100% free of bad side-effects. However, people with fish or shellfish allergies should not take Viviscal hair growth products because they contain fish products.

One of the Viviscal side effects that some users complain of is greasy hair shortly after they begin treatment. This is because of the sudden increase in nutrition to the scalp and will eventually go away as the scalp adjusts to the new levels of blood circulation and nutrition.

How to Take Viviscal

The best way to take Viviscal is to take one tablet in the morning and one at night, preferably with food. Please do not expect Viviscal results for up to six months. It takes time for the ingredients to build up in your system. Some people see results as soon as three months. Results vary with individuals. Eventually, though, you’ll start to notice that your hair is thicker and shinier. Your hair will completely cover your scalp and you won’t have thin, stringy hair any longer.

Viviscal is easy to take and doesn’t have any kind of negative taste.

Viviscal Testimonials

Viviscal is used and endorsed by quite a few celebrities, including Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Selma Blair, Kate Hudson, and many others. They all have beautiful hair, so what works for them should work for anybody. If you go to the Viviscal website, there are many, many positive testimonials from real users, dermatologists and other hair-care experts, as well as Viviscal before and after photos.

According to the Viviscal reviews on the official website, an incredible 96% of users recommend Viviscal.

The Viviscal Extra strength Silver Kit is $46.66 a month, which works out to $1.55 a day. Is it worth that for a beautiful head full of thick, luxuriant hair? Many people spend twice that amount, or more, on coffee every day.

If you start to notice that your hair is falling out, or that your hair seems thinner, the worst thing you can do is—nothing! Act now, because once your hair follicles are dead they can’t be brought back to life. The sooner you start using a hair growth product like Viviscal, the more hair you can save. When it comes to hair, every little bit helps!

hair loss

People spend a fortune on looking healthy and beautiful. But nothing makes you look good as much as your hair. So it’s worth a bit of an investment for this very important part of your body. Viviscal is a safe and all-natural hair loss product that is easy to use and non-intrusive. Clinical trials have supported its effectiveness and many doctors and celebrities endorse it. I think it’s well worth a try, don’t you?


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If you use Provillus every day it’s possible to keep your hair follicles healthy well into old age. How does Provillus do this?

If hair follicles are plugged and the central area of the sear is hypopigmented with additional pigment changes and inflammation around the periphery, discoid lupus is likely. Obtain a scalp biopsy for histopathologic study and immunofluorescence staining. Consider evaluation for systemic lupus as well, since the skin lesions of these conditions can look similar. Lichen planus may resemble alopecia areata, except that lesions are not as well-circumscribed, scarring is present, and there are no exclamation point hairs.

Histologic study sometimes indicates that mites, scabies, or similar skin infestations are causing hair loss. Because these parasites cause intense itching, patients harboring them often itch and scratch their scalp and neck. Using a minoxidil-based hair loss product is also worth considering in patients of any age with scaly alopecia; it occasionally involves Malassezia (Pityrosporum) yeasts and may extend beyond the scalp to areas behind the ear or on the face, where both the yeasts and excessive sebum are common.

After the gross examination, conduct a hair pluck test by grasping about 50 hairs firmly with either fingers or forceps and pulling. Only two or three should come out; if you extract more than five or six, the patient is probably going through a pathological shedding process, usually a telogen effluvium. Light microscopic examination distinguishes between anagen and telogen hairs (catagen hairs are rarely shed). Anagen hairs are encased in a root sheath and are sometimes angled; telogen hairs are straight and sheathless, terminating in a bulb. Such a study will help determine whether a product such as Provillus can help regrow the hair.

Microscopic study may also indicate a structural disorder of the hair shaft. These conditions often pose diagnostic challenges, leading both primary care physicians and many dermatologists to refer these patients to centers with lots of available Provillus as well as special expertise in this area unless a clear-cut cause such as nutritional derangement emerges.

For the majority of men with nonpathologic baldness, using Provillus is more supportive than other interventions. Some patients who consider their hair an essential part of their self-image are willing to try almost anything that promises a cure. Your advice in this regard may keep them from making expensive, risky mistakes. If the available treatments for hair loss fail or are impractical and if the patient is unable to accept the condition with equanimity, psychological referral may be appropriate.

The well-publicized approval of topical minoxidil (one brand name is called Rogaine; another is called Provillus) several years ago raised many patients’ hopes, but experience has shown the limits of this approach: If you’re wondering “does Rogaine work?”, then you should know that it is effective in only a minority of patients and produces visible growth only with prolonged use (eight months to a year in most cases). Minoxidil also requires a lifetime commitment to treatment-if new growth does occur but the drug is stopped, the new hair falls out about three months afterward-and incurs monthly costs of 50-$75, depending on regional price variations. Third-party payers generally do not cover it.


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