Lipogaine Review 2018 – UPDATED!

IMPORTANT UPDATE! I am no longer using or recommending Lipogaine. Last year I wrote a review about it (see below) but have since found another hair loss product that works much better.

I found that Lipogaine was quite sticky and greasy. It also dried out my scalp. I’d wake up in the morning and have a bit of skin peel on my scalp. Not what I was looking for.

I’m also bothered by reports that Lipogaine was spamming Amazon with fake reviews. And now Lipogaine has been removed from Amazon entirely. All of this doesn’t really give me much faith in the product.

Recently I started using Provillus, which is another hair growth treatment that’s very popular these days. There are two versions of Provillus—one for men and one for women.


Provillus contains minoxidil, which is an FDA-approved ingredient that’s been scientifically proven to stop hair loss and regrow hair.

If you’re a woman, you must buy a product with minoxidil if you want to regrow your hair. There simply isn’t any other choice.

Men actually do have another choice. There’s a product called Propecia they can buy. You need a prescription from a doctor, however, and there are some very nasty side effects. Many users report permanent sexual dysfunction, for example.

I do not recommend Propecia for this reason. And women can’t even get a prescription for Propecia because it can cause birth defects.

That leaves Provillus, which is safe to use and has been working very well for me. It’s not greasy and sticky at all. And it doesn’t irritate my scalp.

I’ve been getting some nice compliments on my hair so I’m pretty happy with the way it’s working out.

The bottom line is: you have to try these products for yourself. Provillus comes with a money-back guarantee. I’ve been happy with the product so I haven’t tried to get a refund.

Provillus isn’t sold in stores. You must purchase it online at

These are some before-and-after images of people who have used Provillus for about 4 months.

Provillus before and after

Provillus for women

Provillus for men

Provillus reviews

Lipogaine Review

Are you losing your hair? Don’t worry, there are products available that can stop hair loss and even grow back some of your lost hair. This review takes a look at Lipogaine for Men, which is a topical solution that you apply to your scalp. And if you’re a woman who’s losing her hair, which is tremendously devastating, there’s a female version of Lipogaine for you!

Men lose their hair mostly because they have high levels of DHT. What is DHT? It is a sex hormone that is five times more powerful than testosterone. You often hear that bald men have more testosterone. It’s actually DHT that they have more of—but it’s still a sex hormone. Anyway, one of the side effects of having too much DHT is that it deprives hair follicles of nutrition so they shrink and lose their power to grow.


Hair loss products can either reduce the body’s levels of DHT, or stimulate hair growth in other ways. Lipogaine attempts to do both of these things. It contains a chemical that you might have heard of—minoxidil. Minoxidil has been approved by the U.S. Government’s Food and Drug Administration to sell as a hair growth product. It is a DHT blocker.

But Lipogen also contains various vitamins that provide nutrition to the hair follicles once the DHT has been blocked. The hair follicles have been dormant for so long—because of the high levels of DHT—that just reducing the DHT is not enough to stimulate growth. You need to nourish them as well!

Lipogaine Ingredients

In addition to minoxidil, Lipogaine contains Biotinyl-tripeptide, Niacin, apple polyphenol, and natural DHT blockers such as saw palmetto, oleic acid, azetinol, beta-sitosterol, linolenic acid, and vitamins B6 and B12.

These Lipogaine ingredients have been scientifically proven to reduce DHT and stimulate hair growth. They are safe to use and won’t cause any negative side effects.


But minoxidil is the main ingredient in Lipogaine. The male version of Lipogaine contains 5% minoxidil while the female version contains 2% minoxidil. Do not overuse Lipogaine. Too much minoxidil in your system might cause some side effects such as heart palpitations. But if you follow the directions correctly you shouldn’t have any problems.

How to Use Lipogaine

It’s very easy to use Lipogaine. You simply apply it to your scalp twice a day, preferably once in the morning and once in the evening. You can apply it to damp hair, so it’s fine to take a shower first. But let it dry before using additional hair products or going to bed. You must use it every day. If you stop using Lipogaine your DHT levels will return to their previous levels and your hair follicles will start shrinking again.

Some people think this is too much to ask. Twice a day for the rest of your life? Well, you brush your teeth twice a day, don’t you? And you don’t plan on stopping anytime soon, right? Using Lipogaine is just the same. It just becomes part of your daily routine after a while. Oh, and Lipogaine doesn’t have any kind of smell.

Lipogaine Side Effects

The most annoying side effect from Lipogaine is that your scalp might feel itchy or irritated. The product contains alcohol, which can cause this side effect. Do not get Lipogaine in your eyes, and wash your hands right after use. Do not use Lipogaine on any other part of your body.

Lipogaine side effects are rare, but some people might experience chest pain, dizziness, faintness, or rapid heartbeat. If you experience any of these side effects please discontinue use of Lipogaine. Obviously your body is having a bad reaction to the product and there is nothing to be done but to stop!

Lipogaine Results

How long before you can expect to see Lipogaine results? It takes at least 2 months before you can even begin to expect results. It takes time for the ingredients to work.

Many users will actually see some additional hair loss at first. This is called shedding and is perfectly normal. So don’t start freaking out! What is happening is that your older, weaker hairs are falling out in preparation for the newer, stronger hairs to come in and replace them. After about 45 days the shedding should stop.


At first, your new hair will not seem very thick. It will be somewhat colorless and thin. Again, this is normal. After a while your hair will start to grow in more thickly and luxuriously.


Does Lipogaine work? Considering that Lipogaine contains the chemical minoxidil, which has been approved by the FDA as a hair loss product, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you will at least experience some hair growth. There are many clinical trials that prove this. And many Lipogaine reviews are quite positive.

Your hair is a very important part of your looks and your identity. It affects your confidence—both personal and professional—in profound ways. You don’t have to lose this very important part of yourself. Trying a product like Lipogaine seems well worth the cost and effort of using it.

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