My point in creating this site is to provide readers with a thorough description of a particular product—in this case the hair growth product called Provillus—and then to feature some reviews from real users.

These reviews are not found on the product’s website, but were culled from hair loss forums and message boards. Hopefully the reader can get a sense of whether it might be worth it to purchase Provillus or not.

Hair loss affects a great many people, both men and women. We’re fortunate that we live in an age where science and technology have come up with some solutions that really work. I’m sure that the future holds even more satisfying answers to problems such as hair loss, but we’re lucky to have what we have.

The main thing is—take action! If you suffer from hair loss the worst thing to do is nothing. Try products out and see what works for you. Be proactive. Too many people remain passive in the face of problems, thinking nothing can solve them. That’s not true!

Is Provillus right for you? You won’t know unless you try it out!

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